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3D lenticular printing Services and prepress

  • We provide specialized services 2d to 3d conversion
  • Technical prepress of content for 3D lenticular printing.
  • Special preparation of graphic elements for 3D lenticular printing as direct printing on the lenses or as a prepress for high resolution and high definition 3D printing.
  • Calibration of your graphic and printing devices as a preparation for lenticular printing of 3D images
  • Training and consulting intended to all graphic designers for preparation of images for High quality printing as well as 3D lenticular technology prepress and printing.
  • Training and consulting intended to all users for converting 2D images to full 180 degrees volumetric 3D graphical objects.
  • Design per request
  • 3D posters in various formats with realistic 2D or 3D motives
  • Small formats lenticular production - Check our product page
  • Large formats flip and volumetric lenticulars that can cover walls and buildings..! - Unique XTRA LARGE formats (billboards and murals) with walking/running/biking 3D effect that we are extremly proud of..!

Our extensive experience and unique work processes allow us exceptional speed followed by a very high quality of service.
For further information regarding services and pricing, please contact us...

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